1., Taobao sellers all shipped, get all the "logistics single number", you can order it. (it's best to place orders with you all together. One order is packaged and sent to you in a package.)

2. login quick order

3. fill out the information above Taobao

4. select items

5., choose to remove the outer package (express packaging) / inner packing (original packing) / keep (do not dismantle)

6. select delivery address, or use new address (please confirm detailed address and zip code)

7.. If necessary, please leave a message to the warehouse staff

8. confirm submission

The 9. is submitted after the cargo warehousing. (from Taobao seller to our warehouse warehousing for about 3 days, such as long time without placing, please contact the seller or contact our customer service processing)

We'll pack 10. warehousing freight calculation, in "my orders" inside can see details.

For example: the shipping charge for this order is 19 yuan

1. click on the account recharge

2. can choose Alipay account, domestic bank transfers, remittances to the corresponding account, recharge vouchers and upload screenshots.

3. if you get paid to recharge, transportation will provide the corresponding account, call generation remittance to you send.

4. submit the recharge application and contact my customer service audit after submission.

5. after the recharge is successful, your account balance will be displayed on the personal interface.

6. click the order details, and then click here to pay.

7. the payment is successful and the order shows "paid" and "shipped"".

8. before the afternoon of 5:00pm payment, delivery the same day. In case of urgent request, please contact us.

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