Weight: in accordance with the International Aviation Association (IATA) regulations, for 1 cubic feet of parcels under the calculation of the volume of weight. The method of calculation is long cm*, width cm*, high cm/6000, and the number is the "weight", also called "throwing weight"".

Half throw: calculate freight rate, half throw weight (solid weight + throw weight) / 2.

Free throw billing: calculate the freight is only solid weight, ignore throwing weight (limit throwing weight, less than 20kg use).

Example 1 relatively large packages: the actual weight of goods 5kg, long 40cm, wide 40cm, high 40cm. (weight and specifications after packing)

All throw charging: 40*40*40/6000=10.7kg > 5kg, freight = unit *11

Half casting billing: 40*40*40/6000=10.7kg, (10.7+5) /2=7.85, freight = *8

Free throw: Freight = unit price *5

Example 2 heavy weight parcel: the actual weight of goods is 11kg, length 30cm, width 30cm, high 30cm.

(weight and specifications after packing) 30*30*30/6000=4.5kg < 11kg, actual weight throw, freight =11* unit price

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