• 1. dozen wood

    We provide wood service fee of RMB 260 yuan / cubic. (fragile compulsory dozen wood)

    2. unpacking service

    The service fee is free. Oh, we will provide cartons free of charge and keep the goods in the smallest space to minimize the cost to customers. To re package due to unpacking parcels in unpacking items such as because of other factors such as: less goods sellers send less, express lost, no evidence that will open the parcel, if there is any missing items, we are not responsible for!

    3. package hosting

    30 days free warehouse storage, storage, storage, from the date of receipt of the plan.

    Within 60 days, if the parcel is not mailed or unclaimed, the company will automatically void the parcel.

    If it is packed and shipped without payment, only for 30 days, the parcel will be cancelled automatically.

    Inspection [test product] RMB 3/ - check the product function is normal

    Take photos [supplies, photos] RMB, 2/ Zhang

    Count the number of goods [RMB] 3/20 (a seller package)

    4., unpacking second times

    If the warehouse has packed the goods, it will have to be charged RMB10 yuan extra for the customer's request for unpacking, adding packages, and repackaging. (free for the first time, but as much effort as possible, we ask for less repackaging)

    5. instructions for changing channels and addresses

    Customers already in the "order" process need to change the delivery address with additional RMB 5/;

    If the order has been packaged, the customer needs to change another company's channel, also need to add RMB 5/ ticket;

    Because all of the above operations, our employees need to cancel the original waybill, re print the waybill!

    In order to deliver the goods on the way, if you need to change the delivery address, you need to add RMB 15/ ticket.

    6. order extraction items

    If you require certain items in the order temporarily removed retained warehouse, parents need start in getting the goods within 15 days of the goods re sent out Oh, because the normal items are mostly small objects, easily lost, no way to help Pro warehouse storage for too long, also please note the time, in a timely manner to arrange the shipment!

    7. forwarding freight charges

    Guests will be charged RMB 15/ packages if they need to change the parcel delivery mode and send the goods to another place (address in China)

    If the goods have been packed and completed, the customer will need to transfer to other places (domestic), except for the actual express freight charges, with an additional charge of RMB 15/kg

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