[maritime transport] unified RMB settlement

1. cubic limit weight 500KG;

2. calculation method of excess weight: actual weight /500KG= accounting cubic count;

3. fragile wood / wooden packaging requirements must (the cost of query value-added services);

4. delivery only to the downstairs, not upstairs; if need to deliver, the driver upstairs or moved into the warehouse, please consignee to negotiate with the driver;

4., remote areas, long / wide / high, unilateral more than 2 meters, single more than 1.5 tons, port of destination delivery fees need to be confirmed;

5. damage does not pay, please follow the suggestions to the packing of the goods; if the loss of goods, the freight will be lost 3 times compensation.

Classification of goods:                                                                                                                  

1. sensitive goods: all liquid / powder, cosmetics, food, automobile engine, desktop computer, fake brand goods, chemical products, mobile phone batteries, mobile power supply, construction steel / steel and steel raw materials, CD, nutrition / health care products;

2. non carrying goods:

The car (the whole), car battery (a liquid, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid), the car engine, alcohol, fireworks, flammable and explosive goods, lighters, mobile phone, laptop computer, gold and silver jewelry, supplies, drugs and international regulations to prohibit the export of goods;

3. in addition to the above goods, the rest are ordinary goods. The sensitive goods are not listed and shall prevail in the light of the actual conditions.

4. port of destination customs clearance provided by the consignee of import permit to customs clearance of goods: Food / food additives, cosmetics and raw materials, drug / drug raw materials, cups, dishes, some contact with the eye ear mouth nose products, UNESCO / Culture (books, CD, newspapers, magazines), food packaging products. Medical supplies / equipment / supplies, health care products, nutritional supplements, food and beverage processing equipment.

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