Ordinary goods (by air freight)

Generally not marked as ordinary goods, such as clothing, shoes, mobile phone shell, iPhone data lines, bags, ordinary books (not related to religion, social conditions), ordinary home, etc., vacuum cups, glass products

Sensitive goods (using sensitive air freight)Including battery products, metal. (Power bank), mobile power supply, with magnet goods (such as speakers, headset or magnetic earrings), electronic products, electrical appliances, liquid (containing fluorescent sticks), paste, cosmetics, skin care products, facial mask, contact lenses, slimming patch or medicinal patch, food. The drug, powder, brand, imitation brand, HELLO KITTY CD, VCD, toy products, pornographic magazines, religious books, novels, paintings, atomic refill, electronic seal (no ink), not the blade of the knife, sex toys

Goods that cannot be shippedThe shipper agrees that the goods they deliver are all transportable. One of the following circumstances: transportation will not be dangerous, hazardous, flammable or explosive materials, gold and silver, coins, dust, cyanide, mobile phone, tablet computer, desktop computer, helmet, or any form of natural sediment without casting gold and silver, platinum block and other blocks precious metals, precious stones, jewelry, any nationality currency (banknotes and coins), negotiable securities, any kind of checks, stocks, bonds, certificates, seals, blank endorsement or cheque, draft or traveler's checks, antique artifacts, art, animals, plants, drugs, medicine, liquor, firearms, tobacco, food, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) restricted goods or perishable goods.

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